How much does possum removal cost? Pricing is quite reasonable at Jim’s Pest Control, starting at $100 for simple jobs, ranging to roughly $300 when there is more work involved. That may involve catching the possum, as well as providing possum proofing to the area.

If you have a possum in your roof, our Brisbane possum catchers are all fully licenced, and service areas all over Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and surrounding areas. Call us on 131 546 and your closest technician will be in touch with you within a couple of hours.

Possum removal cost in Brisbane & surrounding areas

Jim’s Pest Control are experts in live, harm-free possum catching and proofing, but we can also remove dead possums from your roof. Our possum service costs range anywhere from $100 to $300, which is cheaper than most other pest control companies in Brisbane.

How possums are removed?

  1. Our techs start by locating its entry point in your roof
  2. A cage trap is placed over the entry point.
  3. We wait 24 hours to make sure we get all possums from the roof, and don’t accidentally seal any in there.
  4. Once the animal is trapped, we place it in a dark, quiet place while we ‘possum proof’ the area.
  5. Area proofing involves sealing up the roof’s entry point and splashing disinfectant or similar on the area to mask the animal’s scent from itself. If the gap in the roof is more serious damage, a roofer will need to fix this.
  6. We release the possum, usually on dusk. By law it has to be released within 25 metres of where it was captured, but your sealed-up roof will stop it from returning and persuade it to find a new home.
Possum Removal Cost Queensland

Why use a Jim’s possum catcher?

At Jim’s Pest Control, all our Brisbane technicians are trained and licenced to remove possums, and we are also insured and police-checked for your peace of mind.

Our services are safe and humane so that the animal isn’t harmed in any way. In addition, we also possum-proof the area to make sure the little critters do not return.

Every job we do comes with the famous Jim’s Guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, we will come back until the job is done properly.

Short possum FAQs

How much does possum removal cost?

Pricing for possum removal can be quite reasonable, usually starting at $100 for simple jobs, ranging to roughly $300 when there is more work involved such as possum proofing the area and multiple possums being involved.

Can pest control get rid of possums?

It is illegal to kill possums in most states in Australia. Pest control techs need to be licenced to relocate possums, and ensure their services are safe and humane so that the animal isn’t harmed in any way. Possum proofing is also highly recommended.

What do you do if there is a possum in your house?

Your first call should be to a properly licenced professional to remove the possum (or possums). They will then catch the possum, and safely relocate it to another area in accordance with local laws.

Will possums attack you?

Generally no, they will not attack humans. They may make some angry noises and show their teeth, but they'd likely rather play dead than attack you. It is not recommended that you try and pick a wild possum up, or go near it.