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Birds cause problems for any home or business unlucky enough to be chosen as a roosting spot. While their droppings and feathers make a huge mess, they also present a major health risk. Birds often carry lice and can pass on some pretty unpleasant diseases to humans including salmonella and E. coli.

Infestations are especially problematic in the food industry, as their droppings and other leavings can quite easily contaminate thousands of dollars’ worth of stock.

Why use bird proofing spikes?

Most birds, and especially pest birds like pigeons, like to make their homes up high where they can overlook open space, in order to keep an eye on threats and easily scavenge for food.

These roosting spots are usually in your rafters or gutters, so spikes work by creating an unstable and unsuitable landing spot in these areas.

The bird spikes won’t harm the birds, but will make it difficult for them to roost in or on your building. The intention with spike installation is that the birds will give up trying to roost there and decide to move on to a non-spiked property.

Bird Proofing Spikes

Getting them installed professionally

When you need spikes for pigeon proofing, you have a couple options. You could pop down to your local hardware store and install some cheap, flimsy spikes yourself while hoping for the best. Or you could leave it to the professionals to use quality spikes installed correctly, to give you every chance of keeping the birds away.

Just some of the reasons Queensland residents choose Jim’s Pest Control to deal with their bird problems:

  • Highly trained technicians with vast experience in bird control
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Spikes are stainless steel, and UV-coated to ensure years of continuous use
  • Every treatment covered by Jim’s Service Guarantee: it doesn’t work, we’ll come back and fix it, free of charge.

Other pigeon proofing treatments

Bird spikes are suitable for several situations but there are instances in which we advise using a different option. Other treatments we offer include:

  • Bird netting – A sturdy netting to humanely prevent birds from accessing your property.
  • Shock systems – A track system that produces a very mild electric shock when birds land on it, making it uncomfortable for them to perch.
  • Solar panel proofing – Prevents birds from nesting or perching on your solar panels, ensuring a steady flow of electricity and far less cleaning.

No matter what your bird problems are, you can trust us to help you find a solution that works long-term. Don’t put up with bird droppings, bird lice, and potential health issues any longer.