Jim’s Pest Control Brisbane provides an innovative range termite barrier products. These barriers not only conform to all the local and national building requirements, but also provide the ultimate in termite protection at very reasonable costs.

One important factor to consider when investigating termite barriers is the warranty. Jim’s Pest Control Brisbane has the ability to offer market leading warranties.

Why use a termite barrier?

Please remember that the construction or renovation of your home is likely the largest investments most families will ever make.

Time needs to be allocated to consider your termite protection and warranty options.

For more information about termite barrier, treatments, and control, please contact one of our friendly local Jim’s Pest Control techs for a no obligation quote.

We cannot stress how important it is for you to protect your new home, or home renovation, from invading termites.

As part of part of the famous Jim’s Group, you know we are a brand you can trust.

Termite barrier