Possum removal is a key service Jim’s Pest Control provides around Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast areas of Queensland. Call your local Jim’s tech on 131 546 to ask about how to get rid of possums in your home.

Possums are native to Australia, as well as being a protected species, so we catch & relocate possums which may be annoying you. When possums move in to our homes to seek shelter and set up a family, they can become quite troublesome pests.

Possum removal – why?

The semi-arboreal marsupials are nocturnal, and are most active during our sleeping hours. Their thumping noises in ceilings during the night often keep people awake.

When we find ourselves with a possum in roof areas, it (or they) they may damage insulation, chew electrical wiring, or contaminate the area with their urine and faeces.

Although they may appear cute and friendly, possums can become aggressive when they feel threatened.

Possum Removal

What is the Treatment?

In Australia, there are laws governing the removal and relocation of possums. These laws state that possums can only be released within 25 meters of their capture site.

We will work with you to humanely capture the possum(s), block off any entry points (to prevent it returning), and release the possum safely in compliance with Australian laws.

Possums are very tenacious critters, and so will try to find a way to return to the warmth and security of your roof space. To make your home less desirable, we recommend hanging wooden possum nesting boxes or hollow logs in trees nearby to give the possums new homes.

What is the result?

When the possum(s) has been safely removed, your roof void will then be secure, and they will be unable to re-enter.

Recommended Preventative Tips

  • Remove overhanging tree branches that possums (and rodents) can use to gain access to your roof.
  • Splash the old entry areas liberally with a strong smelling substance such as disinfectant. The possum’s scent glands will have marked the entries to its den. If you don’t destroy the scent, the possum will try to re-enter the den.
  • Professional removal of possums followed by proofing of entry points is the best option. Contact your local possum experts, Jim’s Termite & Pest Control on  131 546, or click here to get a free quote.

Short possum FAQs

How much does possum removal cost?

Pricing for possum removal can be quite reasonable, usually starting at $100 for simple jobs, ranging to roughly $300 when there is more work involved such as possum proofing the area and multiple possums being involved.

Can pest control get rid of possums?

It is illegal to kill possums in most states in Australia. Pest control techs need to be licenced to relocate possums, and ensure their services are safe and humane so that the animal isn’t harmed in any way. Possum proofing is also highly recommended.

How to stop a possum from returning?

Make sure all entry points to your roof are blocked up or sealed. For example, ridge and valley capping, broken tiles, damaged eaves, service holes, ventilation grills, and any other potential entry points.