You are very likely to have seen black ants in Brisbane. They are one of the most common species of ant in the world, but can cause plenty of damage to your home and garden. Our team at Jim’s Pest Control is fully trained at detecting, identifying, and using the most effective treatment on all species. Call 131 546 and your local technician will be in touch shortly.

Why are black ants a pest?

As the name suggests, this pest lives in domestic gardens and houses. They are a particular nuisance in summer, when their colony is largest.

They cause issues such as:                             

  • Diseases: They are scavengers and look for food in any areas they can find — including in rubbish, dog excrement, and other unsanitary places. They can carry diseases like salmonella into your home and onto your food.
  • Food wastage: Black garden ants love all foods, but they particularly love sweet things and will try their hardest to get into your pantry. When they find food, they lay a scent (pheromone) to their nest for other workers to follow, bringing more of their colony into your home.
  • Garden destruction: They also feed off the sweet secretions of plant-damaging aphids, and encourage their population.
  • Structural damage: Their nests can shift the foundation sand of your home, create uneven patches, and even create holes in your lawn. This can lead to housing structural issues if left unchecked.
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Black ant treatment and prevention

The most efficient way to deal with a black ant infestation is professional treatment. Our team can confirm the species on your property, and use the most effective treatment to remove the colony for long-term results.

Destroying the nest is the only way to prevent them from coming back, but there are also methods you can do yourself to help reduce population sizes. You can prevent black ants from visiting your home by doing the following:

  • Food storage: Keep all food in tightly sealed containers, especially sugary foods.
  • Sanitation: Keep countertops tidy, and avoid soaking pans and dishes for too long. Keep your rubbish bins sealed and take out the rubbish frequently.
  • Check entry points: Damaged seals around windows and doors are easy entry points. Cover up any holes, and make sure your screens are intact.
  • Call us: Once they have established a colony, they will keep coming back. Professional removal of the nest will prevent the problem from getting worse. The first step towards removing an infestation is to call our team and get a free quote.

We’re here to help

Black garden ants can be a real nuisance, but there’s no need to just put up with them. Jim’s pest control techs are trained in identifying different types of species and knowing which treatments will get right to the source on the first go.

Call Jim’s on 131 546 and a local technician will give you a free quote to help get rid of your ants, with options to suit your budget.