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Mount Warren Park is an up-and-coming suburb, surrounded by parks, green spaces, and just a short distance to the Albert River. And while people of all ages love living in Mount Warren Park, pests such as termites, spiders, rodents, and possums, have made their home in the area too. Fortunately, if you find yourself with a pesky pest situation in your home or business, Jim’s can help.

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For fast, effective pest control, Jim’s Pest Control Mount Warren Park are your local experts. Combined with our friendly, reliable service, you can trust your local technician to eliminate any pest problem quickly and effectively.

Being locals ourselves, we understand local pest behaviour, so we know how to put effective pest treatment and management plans in place. And we always stand by the Jim’s Guarantee: if the treatment doesn’t work the first time, we will come back until it does; free of charge.

Pest Control Mount Warren Park

Possum removal – the critters are not as cute as they seem

Although they look cute, possums can cause significant damage to homes and businesses by damaging insulation and chewing through wiring in the roof. They can also be incredibly noisy creatures, particularly in the middle of the night!

At Jim’s, our local technician is trained and experienced in possum removal. We trap the possum, look after it for 24 hours while we repair the entry points to your roof, and then release it away from your property.

Sometimes our technicians use an alternative method of one-way doors which will allow the possum to exit your roof, but it won’t be able to get back in. Both methods are chemical-free and won’t harm the possum, but they will stop it from returning.

Meet Jim’s Mount Warren Park technician

Jaison Lamb is the Jim’s local pest control technician. Mount Warren Park Locals can count on him to provide his trademark fast and friendly service, and his knowledge of local pest behaviour means he will eliminate any pest problem quickly and effectively.

For Jaison, his clients are never just a number. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority, which is why many clients call on Jaison time and again.

Whether you have a pest problem, or you want to book a termite inspection, Mount Warren Park residents can be assured that Jaison has the training and expertise to deal with any pest issues.