It hardly needs mentioning that cockroaches are disgusting, and infestations should not be taken lightly. Whether your business is involved in food service, hospitality or other – a cockroach invasion can be severely damaging to your reputation and can also lead to low employee morale and productivity.

By law businesses are required to meet public health and safety regulations. These regulatory standards include the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (Restaurant Owners and Food Suppliers/Manufacturers/Handlers) and Fair Trading (Landlords & Strata Managers). The sight of cockroach droppings can cause a business to fail a government inspection resulting in temporary closure, product recalls and increased inspection frequency – not to mention the cost to your business.

These pesky creatures are transmitters of several diseases including salmonella. They can damage and contaminate foodstuffs, rendering stock unusable and the repercussions of tainted food products may also affect several businesses down the line such as freight and food storage companies. This can have a serious impact on your operation.

Most of us have experienced seeing the odd cockroach in a restaurant or café. Did you inform management, or did you simply stop going there? While we like to think good news travels fast – bad news travels faster! In the era of social media, it doesn’t take long for the discovery of a single cockroach to travel far and wide having a devastating effect on trade.

These pests are highly versatile creatures. Their claws enable them to latch onto rough surfaces, and their pretarsal arolia acts as suction cup-like devices that cling to smooth surfaces, allowing them to climb walls and travel across ceilings. Shed skins and droppings left by cockroaches in ventilation ducts can cause illness to become airborne and spread throughout the premises. This can also trigger asthma and respiratory irritation in employees and customers.

Tell-tale signs of infestation include sighting live or dead cockroach castings, droppings and faecal marks or egg cases. So, at the first sign of a cockroach invasion, give us a call straight away. We have an intimate understanding of their likes and dislikes and provide fail-safe cockroach pest control solutions for your business.

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