Are you being bugged by ants in the house? Summer months are often when ant colonies are at their largest, meaning that these pesky scavengers will often go searching for extra food sources in places like the inside of your pantry.

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Why are ants in the house a problem?

They are usually found in the kitchen and the bathroom, where they seek food and water. Just like humans, ants have to eat to survive. Unfortunately, having these uninvited guests inside your house can cause all kinds of problems, including:

  • Diseases: They are scavengers and look for food in any areas they can find — including in unsanitary areas like rubbish and dog excrement. They can track diseases like salmonella onto your food and cause a lot of food wastage if they get inside your pantry.
  • More ants: When they find food, they lay a scent (pheromone) to its nest for other workers to follow, bringing more of their colony into your home.
  • Unsightly ant trails: They can leave trails throughout your home.
  • Cause damage: Serious infestations can cause electrical short circuits from their nests.
Ants in the house - get rid of ants in the kitchen

How to get rid of ants in the kitchen

While these pests can be treated as they appear, they will be sure to come back while their nest still exists. The only sure way to prevent them returning to your house is to hire a professional to destroy the nest.

Prevent them from coming back

Other than destroying the colony, there are other things you can do to make your home less desirable to them.

  • Food storage: Keep all food in tightly sealed containers, especially sugary foods.
  • Sanitation: Keep countertops tidy, and avoid soaking pans and dishes for too long. Take your rubbish out frequently, and keep bins sealed.
  • Check entry points: Damaged seals around windows and doors are easy entry points to get inside your home. Cover up any holes, and make sure your screens are intact.
  • Call us: If you’ve already found issues with these critters, professional help will prevent the problem from getting worse. Call our team to sort your problem before it grows too large.

While these steps cannot guarantee to get rid of ants in the kitchen and house, you can make your home as uninviting as possible to prevent them from staying and spreading their pheromones to other members of their colony.

We’re here to help with all your ant problems

Ants in the house can cause plenty of problems for your household. Jim’s pest control experts know which treatments will work best on the type of ant you have, and make sure that the treatment works correctly the first time.

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