Blood-sucking mosquitos can be a real ‘bloody’ pain, but they’re also a health risk –spreading viruses and other infectious diseases. Worse, they’re usually only noticed after they’ve already bitten you.

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Why mosquito control is important

We all know how annoying mozzies can be. But you may be surprised to know they can also pose health risks. These are just some of the reasons you’ll want to keep their populations down:

  • Bites: Not only do their bits leave red, itchy welts, their saliva can induce allergic reactions in many people.
  • Diseases: They can carry serious infections and viruses, like the flu-like Ross River Fever, and can spread disease very easily. Bites from mosquitos in different states or countries can spread diseases far from where it first originated.
  • Noise: Their buzzing is certainly annoying, and can interfere with sleep if they get inside.
  • Targeted: Some people are mozzie magnets, due to the smell of the bacteria that lives on all peoples’ skin. Due to genetics, some people are likely to be bitten far more than others, making them more likely to suffer from their nasty effects.
Mosquito control Brisbane

Prevention tips

Prevention is the best cure for mozzies. Help keep them away and stop them from biting with these tips:

  • Empty water holders: Stagnant water is mosquitoes’ favourite breeding spot . Frequently empty all water holders, including buckets, wheelbarrows, drink bottles, bottoms of pot plants, and sandpits. Any item that can hold water is a potential home for these pests!
  • Clean up: Clean out your gutters and trim large trees close to buildings, as leaves and debris can become a breeding ground.
  • Cover up: If outside, use a quality insect repellent on exposed skin and clothing. Wear long sleeves, pants, and socks.
  • Repellent: Burning citronella candles and oils can help keep mozzies away to a small degree.

Treatment options

If mozzies have settled into your property, professional treatment is best. We offer a range of treatments to suit different budgets and the environment that needs to be treated., Whether they’re dwelling in the ceiling, garden, walls or ponds, our team will track the source and use the most suitable products to deliver an effective result.

The best way to control mosquito populations for good is to destroy larvae before they take flight. Emptying water sources is usually enough to control larvae growth, but if this doesn’t work we also use larvicides, stopping these pests in their tracks.